Shri Krishna Gaushala


The objects for which the Trust is founded are:

  • to be an irrevocable public, animal welfare, educational, cultural TRUST for the benefit of all persons to whatever community irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion, the Trustees shall stand possessed of the said amount of corpus endowed by the Aurthors of the trust and such other properties (both movable and immovable) as may be acquired from time to time by the Trust, by purchase, exchange, grant, allotment, subscription, endowment, donation, contribution, or in any manner to whatsoever (all of which shall be designed as Trust properties) on the Trust herein mentioned.
  • To look after the interest of Gaushala and cow & its progeny in whole state of Delhi and National Capital Region in particular & all animals in whole world in general.
  • To represent animal welfare organizations in all Government, Semi government and judicial departments and authorities.
  • To function as a Non-communal & non commercial making Trust and as a secular organization.
  • To open Braches & establish centres for achievement of aims and objectives of Trust.
  • To receive donations, contributions, Grants, benefits, Fee and Charges etc. in Cash and or kind from local, domestic and international individuals, organizations, agencies & governments.
  • To acquire and maintain athe movables and immovable properties for acheiving said objects.
  • To honor and confer title on eminent personality in the field of animal welfare, science, education, literature, etc.,
  • To keep the law in force in India for the Safety & Prevention of Cruelty to Animals under constant study and to advise the government on the amendments to be undertaken in any such law from time to time.
  • To advise the State & Central Government on the making of rules under the Act with a view to preventing slaughtering, animal sacrifice & killing of Cow & Cattle and pain of suffering to animals.
  • To advise the Government or any local authority or other person on activities and schemes so as to lessen the burden on draught animals.
  • To take all such steps as the Trust may think fit for amelioration of animals by encouraging, or providing for the construction of sheds, water troughs and the like and by providing for veterinary assistance to animals. 
  • To suggest and participate as implementing agency in the grant of financial assistance or otherwise, the formation or establishment of Gaushalas, rescue homes, animals shelters, sanctuaries and the like, where animals and birds may find a shelter when they have become old and useless or when they need protection.
  • To co-operate with, and co-ordinate the work of associations or bodies established for the purpose of prevening unnecessary pain or suffering to animals or for the protection of animals and birds.
  • To receive and give financial assistance and other assistance to Animal Welfare Oraganizations functioning in any local area or to encourage the formation of Animal Welfare Organizations in any local area which shall work under the general supervision and guidance of the Trust.
  • To participate in differenct government bodies & advise the Government on matters relating to the medical care and attention which may be provided in animal hospitals, and to give financial and other assistance to animal hospitals whenever the TRUST think it is necessary to do so.
  • To impart eduction in relation to the humane treatment of animals and to encourage the formation of public opinion against the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering to animals and for the promotion of animal welfare by means of lectures, books, posters, cinematographic exhibitions and the like.
  • To participate in different government bodies advise the Government on any matter connected with animal welfare or the Prevention of infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on animals.
  • To establish, maintain and run Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Social Service centres, Industrial Training centre and allied education institutions and Cultural, and Social Institutions to promote the trust’s objectives.
  • To advance Indian Culture and Literature, Service of this Country for the benifit of our Nation.
  • To advance any other objects of general public utility.